Lot 28

Price Realized:  $121
CD 102 {Unembossed} {Canada}, Blue; Odd shape with drip points spiraling inward!
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Lot 28: CD 102 {Unembossed} {Canada}  Color: Blue  Description: [050] {Sharp drip points} About very near mint. This is a real oddball piece. The skirt tapers more than usual, and the insulator is not as tall as a typical CD 102. The skirt is easily over 1/2" thick and the threads go right to the base. Fantastic dome glass! Perhaps the oddest feature is that the drip points are distorted and turned inward, forming a spiral swirl! This could be quite an underrated piece; you can decide!
Estimate: $40 - $60  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $121

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