Lot 240

Price Realized:  $880
Spacer Bracket w/ four CD 100.5 Insulators; Great go-with for the Pyrex or bracket collector!
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Lot 240: Spacer Bracket w/ four CD 100.5 Insulators  Description: Excellent condition, and the four insulators are in great condition as well. This is 24" wide and 12" tall, and is shown at 60% of actual size. While this may appear to be a type of transposition bracket, it is actually a spacer bracket designed to hold two pairs of wires apart from each other on a long span. These were used on Dinosaur Point Road on the west side of San Luis Reservoir in Central California. Rarely seen for sale, this is a great go-with for a Pyrex collector or a nice addition for the bracket collector.
Estimate: $500 - $750  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $880

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