Lot 227

Price Realized:  $22
{Unembossed Arizona beehive} {CD 145 style}, Reddish Brown; "Arizona Mud", "Arizona Adobe", "Mica Insulator"!
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Lot 227: {Unembossed Arizona beehive} {CD 145 style}  Color: Reddish Brown  Description: Mint. Nicknames for this crude insulator include "Arizona Beehive", "Arizona Mud", "Arizona Adobe" and "Mica Insulator". It is reported that these were used during World War II because many of the glass factories were retooled for the war. They are made of a composite material which includes mica (a common silicate in igneous rocks). Many of them came off the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe lines in New Mexico and Arizona, although some have been found in Texas. It is unknown what company made them. These have become harder to find, so now's your chance to add this to your non-glass, non-porcelain collection!
Estimate: $50 - $75  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $22

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