Lot 212

Price Realized:  $99
CD 106 ZICME {Colombia}, Icy Sage Green; Still uncommon after all these years!
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Lot 212: CD 106 ZICME {Colombia}  Color: Icy Sage Green  Description: Base flake affects 2 drip points, otherwise very, very near mint. When the first group of ZICME's came out of Colombia, the CD 106 ZICME was elusive. Later (c. 2008), another larger group of ZICME's was "liberated" from Colombia, and the vast majority were CD 154's. Today, the CD 154's are relatively common, even in some of the exotic colors, but the CD 106 ZICME still remains as elusive as ever. A similar example recently sold for nearly $250. Now's the time to add this rarity to your collection of foreign insulators!
Estimate: $150 - $250  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $99

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