Lot 211

Price Realized:  $28
CD 107 P.S.S.A. No 9 {Mexico}, Rich Fizzy Sage Green w/ Large Bubble; Nice proportions and great bubble!
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Lot 211: CD 107 P.S.S.A. No 9 {Mexico}  Color: Rich Fizzy Sage Green w/ Large Bubble  Description: Very, very near mint. 3/4" wide flashover band. The abbreviation on the insulator is thought to stand for "Patricio Sordo Sociedad Ananimo," a Mexican electrical supplier. This insulator was used on an old Mexican phone line that serviced a mine. It has a nice well-saturated coloration, and it is punctuated with an interesting 3/4" bubble in the skirt for added character.
Estimate: $50 - $75  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $28

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