Lot 203

Price Realized:  $7,425
CD 1002 Glass block, Deep Blue Aqua; Traded for a cow! UPDATE: This is a CD 1002
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Lot 203: CD 1002 Glass block  Color: Deep Blue Aqua  Update: This is a CD 1002 not a CD 1000.  Description: Excellent condition for this style, with only a pinky flake at the top of the hole. Early references in the literature called this the "square insulator." The consignor indicated that many decades ago, her father traded a cow for the insulator. It seems like a very odd trade, but apparently both parties were satisfied with it! The consignor's family lives very close to Gallatin, TN. Glass blocks were used on a telegraph line built in the 1840ís that went through the area.  Update: This is the very rare style of block where the wire groove goes zag-zig rather than zig-zag as can be seen in view 3. You can clearly see how the groove in view 2 matches that of the CD 1002 drawing. (CD Drawing © Donald Briel used with permission. Drawn by Gus Stafford) You can think of this with the groove rotating clockwise (CD 1002) vs counterclockwise (CD 1000). If you would prefer a cow, we can work out the details after your purchase!
Estimate: $600 - $800  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $7,425

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