Lot 168

Price Realized:  $825
CD 249 HEMINGRAY // No 0 PROVO, Aqua; Great condition and getting harder to find!
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Lot 168: CD 249 HEMINGRAY // No 0 PROVO  Color: Aqua  Description: A typical little stress mark on the front of the saddle groove, otherwise just about perfect. Many of these are hazy, as is this one. This is one large and heavy piece of glass! The "0 Provos" were only used on two 33-mile 66KV lines in the Harrisburg/Pittsburgh area. In the late 1990's you could still see these insulators in use. The line crosses the PA Turnpike between exits 7 and 8, and at this point the crossarms are doubled up, with 12 insulators on each pole. We drove by this area and you could see the insulators glistening in the sun. Quite a sight! The "0 Provo" insulators have been slowly increasing in price as they become harder to find, especially in great condition.
Estimate: $300 - $350  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $825

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