Lot 160

Price Realized:  $880
CD 201 H.G. CO. No 2 TRANSPOSITION, Aqua; Super rare H.G. CO. embossing variant!
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Lot 160: CD 201 H.G. CO. No 2 TRANSPOSITION  Color: Aqua  Description: About half the inner skirt is chipped, 2" bruise and associated drip damage on the front right, 1 1/2" shallow umbrella chip at the mold line. None of this affects the embossing, which is bold and crisp. All H.G.CO. embossed CD 201's are very rare. This is a particularly unusual transition embossed piece in that the "No 2 TRANSPOSITION" and the "PATENT MAY 2 1893" are embossed in the newer stamped style, while the H.G.CO. on the skirt is embossed with the old, bold, prism lettering. This insulator style underwent several quick embossing transitions starting with the simple "H.G.CO." on a smooth base insulator, until this final embossing variation when "H.G.CO." was replaced with "HEMINGRAY". The hobby has realized the scarcity and significance of the CD 201 H.G.CO. tramps, and their value and desirability has increased proportionately. This item should be of special interest to transposition and Hemingray collectors!
Estimate: $750 - $1,000  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $880

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