Lot 157

Price Realized:  $3,630
CD 205 BROOKFIELD, Swirled Dark Olive Amber; Amazing condition and fantastic color!
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Lot 157: CD 205 BROOKFIELD  Color: Swirled Dark Olive Amber  Description: Very, very near mint. Typically CD 205's have significant chipping in the inner skirt. This only has one small 1/4" flake, thus our "very, very near mint" grading. A great color punctuated with heavy amber swirls amidst small patches of olive green which can be seen all the way around the skirt. We have seen a significant interest in olive swirled Brookfield's and this is a great example with strong color and excellent condition which we haven't seen for sale!
Estimate: $250 - $300  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $3,630

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