Lot 150

Price Realized:  $418
CD 164 HEMINGRAY-20, Hemingray Blue; A penny for your thoughts!
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Lot 150: CD 164 HEMINGRAY-20  Color: Hemingray Blue  Description: About 10 chipped drips and a little flake on the wire ridge. What makes this insulator so unique is that there is an impression of the reverse side of an Indian Head penny in the dome! Indian Head pennies were last produced in 1909. The colored spot in the penny impression is an impurity that could have been transferred from the penny. A great item for the "junk in glass" collector! An oddball like this doesn't come along very often, so now's your chance to own a unique item!
Estimate: $150 - $250  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $418

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