Lot 116

Price Realized:  $2,860
CD 145 H.G. CO., True Yellow; Spectacular and super rare color!
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Lot 116: CD 145 H.G. CO.  Color: True Yellow  Description: "K" mold. 1/2" inner skirt chip at the left mold line, factory annealing fissure goes from the skirt over the dome. This is the coveted True Yellow H.G. CO. beehive. Compare this with the Yellow Amber unit in lot 117. This is not one of the three primary colors of amber beehives that are often referred to; it's in a class by itself! If you are familiar with the CD 162 Hemingray-19 Yellow signal, this color is even lighter and brighter! The fizz in the glass creates extra sparkle; this is one amazing insulator!
Estimate: $2,200 - $2,500  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $2,860

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