Lot 113

Price Realized:  $77
CD 143 CANADIAN PACIFIC RY. CO., Lavender w/ Purple Swirls; Purple swirls add nice highlights!
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Lot 113: CD 143 CANADIAN PACIFIC RY. CO.  Color: Lavender w/ Purple Swirls  Description: Minor scuffing in the wire groove and a 1/4" paper thin flake on the rear wire ridge. Almost very, very near mint. Neat folds and creases in the glass, especially in the rear. Canada was founded in 1867, and the Canadian Pacific Railway was incorporated in 1881 to link the east and west. This purple-swirled lavender insulator is certainly a very distinctive and attractive color!
Estimate: $70 - $100  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $77

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