Lot 102

Price Realized:  $121
CD 133.4 PATENT DEC. 19, 1871 // 3, Aqua w/ Milky Swirls; Nice milk with a translucent dome!
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Lot 102: CD 133.4 PATENT DEC. 19, 1871 // 3  Color: Aqua w/ Milky Swirls  Description: Two 1/2" base flakes and two vertical stress lines up from the base to the front and rear of the right mold line. Some might consider this a CD 133 because of the slightly convex dome; however, we still consider it a CD 133.4. One can see pronounced milky swirls in the skirt, and the milk in the dome gives it more of a translucent appearance. Contrast this with lot 103, which appears to be the same mold. An early Hemingray "bullet style" filled with character!
Estimate: $250 - $350  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $121

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