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Price Realized:  $30,250
CD 791 "Baby Teapot", Dark Teal Green; Super rare, great color and great condition!
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Lot 1: The CD 791 “Baby Teapot” style is much scarcer than the more often encountered CD 790 larger “Teapot”. Given the combination of this insulator’s unique shape, rarity, condition, color, pedigree and historical significance, this has to be one of the best threadless insulators in the hobby!

The insulator is a beautiful deep teal green that transmits light well to showcase its color.

Truly phenomenal condition for a 150+ year old artifact that has probably been buried for 130+ years of its life. There are no chips, repairs, fractures or reglues. The only significant flaw is a 1/2” square flake on the rear of the spout that can be seen in view 2. The other areas have minor imperfections of 1/4” to 1/8” or less. The collage of photos is designed to show you every view of the insulator so you can make the best assessment of its condition. Please look at all of the large views and please call or email if you have any questions. Please note that the pictures have some degree of front lighting, which may cause some aspects of the insulator to be more pronounced than when it is in your backlit display case. Take a look at the base. It practically looks the way it came out of the mold! The insulator is in “as found” condition and has only been washed off with soap and water. It has a wonderful natural patina. Many collectors prefer to leave these historical relics in their “as found” condition, especially when the piece is as amazing as this one. The option of tumble cleaning, of course, will be left to the winner.

This is one of two “Baby Teapots” that were found on the Philadelphia freight line tracks; they had rolled down the bank after a big rainstorm in 1999. The finder works for several museums in Philadelphia and only collects Philadelphia bottles. He sold the first “Baby Teapot” to the consignor. Amazingly, to this day, he can’t find the second one! If you are the winning bidder, please don’t lose yours!

Estimate: $14,000 - $18,000  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $30,250

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