Lot 95

Price Realized:  $1,540
CD 151 H.G. CO. / N.A.T. Co., Glowing Peacock Blue; rare with drip points on the outer skirt only!
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Lot 95: CD 151 H.G. CO. / N.A.T. Co.  Color: Glowing Peacock Blue  Description: {sharp drip points on the outer skirt only} Most of the Peacock N.A.T. Co. embossed insulators have drip damage and flaking on the wire ridge. This example is outstanding, with only 2 chipped drips and what appears to be a small factory flaw at the mold line. 1/8" fisheye and flake on the rear crown. Easily grades very near mint. This is the least common variant: sharp drip points only appear on the outer skirt! These insulators were produced for the North American Telegraph Company. The N.A.T. Co. embossing can appear anywhere on the crown and this example has the embossing nicely centered in the rear. This insulator is worth a premium when you consider its condition, rarity and fantastic color!
Estimate: $1,500 - $2,000  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,540

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