Lot 94

Price Realized:  $440
CD 151 H.G. CO., Bright Cornflower; a popular and desirable color!
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Lot 94: CD 151 H.G. CO.  Color: Bright Cornflower  Description: 3/8" flake on the front. There are two little depressions on the base as you can see in the front, a corresponding bump on the center of the upper wire ridge in the rear, and another at the mold line. These are likely factory flaws caused when the tongs were used to lift the insulator and carry it over to the lehr. The sharp wire ridge is often heavily chipped on these pieces, so this is better than most. Always a popular and desirable color for this style, and a great addition to your lineup of 151's!
Estimate: $350 - $400  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $440

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