Lot 79

Price Realized:  $908
CD 145 H.G. CO. // PETTICOAT, Golden Amber; always popular color!
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Lot 79: CD 145 H.G. CO. // PETTICOAT  Color: Golden Amber  Description: Three pinky inner skirt flakes in the front and a couple of 3/8" base flakes on the base. The wire groove on this style is prone to flaking, but this one is in great shape! This is the lightest and most desirable shade of the three typical color variants in which the H.G.CO. Petticoat "beehive" has been found. The clarity of the glass, combined with the presence of tiny bubbles, really make the color "pop," and it will pop really well on your shelf!
Estimate: $900 - $1,200  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $908

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