Lot 6

Price Realized:  $1,375
CD 737 LEFFERTS, Limey Green; amazing color for this classic hat!
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Lot 6: CD 737 LEFFERTS  Color: Limey Green  Description: 1/2" base flake. There is a fracture, which can be seen as that black band in the pictures, that runs from the upper wire groove as shown in view 2, over the top of the pinhole as shown in view 3, and down about 1" on the back side as shown in view 4. This long fracture is about 1/2" deep all around, i.e. it goes from the outside of the insulator to the pinhole. There is also a 1" stress line down from the lower wire groove to the skirt. None of this can be seen from the front. What an outstanding color! Most of the green shades surfaced from a construction site in Augusta, Georgia in 2004. These insulators are some of the early threadless insulators, perhaps dating to the late 1840's. The green shades are the most desirable, and this rather unique shade of green displays very well!
Estimate: $500 - $1,000  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,375

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