Lot 59

Price Realized:  $374
CD 121 HEMINGRAY // PATENT, Jadey Milky Blue Aqua; great milk and neat embossing
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Lot 59: CD 121 HEMINGRAY // PATENT  Color: Jadey Milky Blue Aqua  Description: Smooth base! 1 1/2" base flake in the rear, an annealing stress line in the front. Some would call this Jade but we'll be conservative and call it Milky Aqua because of the great swirling; you can decide! A stunning piece; one can see a great depth of color variation, especially in the dome. See lot 61 for another great milky Hemingray! This is also a very unusual piece, one of the very few Hemingray pieces that are embossed with the May 2, 1893 drip point patent date, but have a smooth base! Great color and a unique embossing makes this very desirable!
Estimate: $250 - $300  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $374

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