Lot 54

Price Realized:  $963
CD 134 T-H.E. CO., Root Beer Amber
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Lot 54: CD 134 T-H.E. CO.  Color: Root Beer Amber  Description: A few dings and a dome scuff. This is certainly one of the best in terms of condition, as many have base flakes, open bubbles and chipping, which are fortunately all missing in this insulator. In 1883 the company whose name is embossed on this insulator, Thomson-Houston Electric Company of Boston, MA, established themselves as a distributor of electrical supplies. Brookfield was likely the glasshouse commissioned to produce these beautiful signals by T-H.E. Co. Joe Maurath, Jr., a longtime and noted collector, has confirmed that nearly all of the amber T-HE signals were found on fire alarm circuits in the Massachusetts cities of Abington and Rockland in 1970. He estimated that about 35-40 amber T-HE signals are known in the hobby. This outstanding example is a great companion for lot 55, and a very rare color in unusually good condition!
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $963

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