Lot 47

Price Realized:  $605
CD 127.4 {Hemingray product}, Deep Tealy Aqua; old Hemingray piece and a tough CD
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Lot 47: CD 127.4 {Hemingray product}  Color: Deep Tealy Aqua  Description: {Unembossed} A fracture from the top of dome diagonally down to wire groove with an associated bruise on the dome and some other small imperfections. The molding characteristics are typical of Hemingray. The insulator was produced in a three piece mold, where the mold line runs around the crown rather than at the wire ridge. There's also a crudely formed base. This was very likely produced before the Dec 19, 1871 embossed units. This very early Hemingray product in an uncommon CD are two reasons to add this to your collection!
Estimate: $200 - $300  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $605

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