Lot 202

Price Realized:  $143
Hochspannung Vorsicht! Lebensgefahr {Porcelain enamel sign} {Germany}, Red, Black, Yellow; colorful sign written in both German and English!
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Lot 202: Hochspannung Vorsicht! Lebensgefahr {Porcelain enamel sign} {Germany}  Color: Red, Black, Yellow  Description: 30mm (11 13/16") wide and 20mm (7 7/8") tall. Circa 1966. Super condition, very minor flaking (but not down to the metal) around two of the grommets, two 1/4" small areas of rust on the edges and a very fine hard to see scratch. You can feel the strong, raised black letters and the bold red lightning bolt on the yellow background. "Hochspannung Vorsicht! Lebensgefahr" means "High Voltage! Caution! Risk of Death!" and is coupled with the English words "Danger High Tension." A tough and colorful sign with both German and English phrases on it.
Estimate: $50 - $75  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $143

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