Lot 185

Price Realized:  $528
Brodie Tree Insulator w/ CD 112 Brookfield, Aqua w/ hardware; less common than the "Holmes Tree Insulator"
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Lot 185: Brodie Tree Insulator w/ CD 112 Brookfield  Color: Aqua w/ hardware  Description: Stress fracture and a few dings on the insulator. The unit may have been reconditioned: the tie wire is copper instead of iron, and the cement inside might have been redone. It is missing the shank that would screw into the tree but this is common. Joseph Brodie Smith was granted a patent for this design on January 7, 1890. Early catalogs show the insulator as a CD 114.2 but later catalogs show it with a regular CD 112. An interesting piece of hardware!
Estimate: $25 - $50  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $528

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