Lot 167

Price Realized:  $798
CD 412 FIDENZA 6102, Light Limey Green; taller than you think and a big hunk of glass!
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Lot 167: CD 412 FIDENZA 6102  Color: Light Limey Green  Description: So very close to mint. An odd-shaped insulator from Italy, reminiscent of a CD 128 on steroids with a saddle groove top! This measures 5 1/4" tall, compared to the diminutive 4" height of the CD 128! The glass is very thick, and the insulator is quite heavy. The spiraling in the skirt gives it an interesting appearance. It was produced around 1945, and Mr. N.R. Woodward assigned the CD in 2010. Even with a top groove, it is considered a telephone insulator and included in the 400 series. Fidenza was an Italian glass factory in the Venice area, owned by the French company Verreries de Folembray (Folembray Glassworks) and named for the town in which it was located. The last example we sold brought nearly $400, so add this rarity to your collection today!
Estimate: $200 - $300  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $798

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