Lot 118

Price Realized:  $286
CD 162 B.G.M. CO., True Clear; CLEAR-ly different and a tough piece
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Lot 118: CD 162 B.G.M. CO.  Color: True Clear  Description: 1/2" base flake, a few smaller base flakes, 3/8" flake on the inner skirt, all of which are hard to see, otherwise about very near mint. The CD 162 style in general is scarce for this manufacturer and it is usually found in shades of purple. What sets this piece apart is that it is colorless. There is no tint at all in this piece, and these are very hard to come by. Clearly different, and a desirable insulator for sure!
Estimate: $300 - $380  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $286

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