Lot 96

Price Realized:  $121
CD 134 HEMINGRAY // No 18, Aqua/Green Two Tone; Fantastic color separation!
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Lot 96: CD 134 HEMINGRAY // No 18  Color: Aqua/Green Two Tone  Description: Perhaps a half dozen chipped drips. There are some pronounced folds in the glass, one of which can be seen on the right side of the skirt. Hemingrays with a little bit of amber streaking aren't uncommon, those with more streaks and swirls are less common, and those with such distinct color separation are quite rare. The amber in the upper part of the glass creates an insulator with a green dome and an aqua skirt. It's unusual to see this in any insulator, and its presence in a Hemingray No 18 adds even more to the desirability! (#0105)
Estimate: $250 - $300  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $121

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