Lot 91

Price Realized:  $66
CD 126.4 W.E. MFG. CO., Apple Green w/ Milk Swirls; Globs and strands of milk!
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Lot 91: CD 126.4 W.E. MFG. CO.  Color: Apple Green w/ Milk Swirls  Description: A crude piece with the typical light flaking at the base. It is interesting to note that the "PATENT APPLIED FOR" is embossed over Hemingray's "PATENT DEC 19, 1871". The "W. U." embossed on the rear indicates this piece was to be used on Western Union lines, and the "W.E. MFG. CO." shows it was manufactured by Hemingray for the Western Electric Manufacturing Company. The distinct glob of milk in the front, with strands that wind up over the dome and around the pinhole, gives this early insulator the sort of character that collectors look for! (#0110)
Estimate: $125 - $175  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $66

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