Lot 85

Price Realized:  $105
CD 128.4 HEMINGRAY, Yellow Tint; Your classic "Big Mouth"!
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Lot 85: CD 128.4 HEMINGRAY  Color: Yellow Tint  Description: There was occasionally enough stress at the top of the pinhole of these "SB" units to create a fracture around it, but this dome is perfect! A small stress line at the base of the pinhole from years of service, otherwise very very near mint! Today, this insulator is most commonly nicknamed "Big Mouth." Some have also called it "Bulldog," "Duckbill," and "Jaws." It was intended to provide additional support for the line wire. Most were made with a brass bushing molded into the pinhole to form perfect threads, avoiding damage when it was screwed onto a metal pin. Some, such as this one, were made with a lead liner instead. The exact meaning of the "SB" style designation is unknown, although it is likely that the "S" referred to the "steel" pin. In any case, a unique example of a later glass insulator, produced in the late 1930s, that no complete Hemingray collection should be without! (#0973)
Estimate: $100 - $125  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $105

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