Lot 84

Price Realized:  $440
CD 137.5 {Unembossed Hemingray}, Clear; An experimental piece from the Hemingray dump!
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Lot 84: CD 137.5 {Unembossed Hemingray}  Color: Clear  Description: May have been lightly tumble cleaned. The CD 137.5 examples are believed to have entered the hobby by way of the Hemingray dump in the 1960s and 1970s, and typically have a lot of slices on the base and other associated damage. Overall this piece is in great shape, with only a 1" sliver on the base. This experimental insulator has glass that is quite thick for its small stature, and the threads have only a little room to spiral around. The Hemingray Glass company was purchased by Owens-Illinois in 1933, and a variety of styles, treatments, and glass formulas were experimented with during that time period. (#0128)
Estimate: $350 - $450  Open: $150
Price Realized:  $440

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