Lot 64

Price Realized:  $1,540
CD 123 E.C.& M. CO., Bright Light Blue; "A" mold, a new find, read how it traveled west to east!
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Lot 64: CD 123 E.C.& M. CO.  Color: Bright Light Blue  Description: "A" Mold - 4 3/8" tall. EC&M insulators usually have a bit of base flaking; this example is in excellent condition! This insulator was found in a recently purchased home in Massachusetts. The heirs of a Californian woman brought her possessions back east with them when her estate was settled. As the family had no interest in the seventy or so insulators, they were left with the house when it was sold. What a wonderful story of how an insulator was brought (back) into the hobby, and what a great color for this "A" mold example! (#0229)
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500  Open: $100
Price Realized:  $1,540

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