Lot 42

Price Realized:  $110
CD 134 {Unembossed Pennycuick}, Rich, Deep Green; Crude and colorful!
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Lot 42: CD 134 {Unembossed Pennycuick}  Color: Rich, Deep Green  Description: About very near mint. Crudely molded with an oval pinhole and a very distorted base. A stunning, bright, saturated green color! In 1885, James Pennycuick patented a method of forming well-defined, sharp threads in glass which was used to produce various styles of insulators. Most are unmarked, and CD 134s are one of the several CD styles manufactured using this method. There is a lot of interest in this early threaded variety of insulators today, and the assorted coloration available in this auction makes an attractive lineup. This example contrasts well with the darker green of lot 43 and the lighter green of lot 41. (#3062)
Estimate: $175 - $200  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $110

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