Lot 33

Price Realized:  $825
CD 138 BROOKFIELD / POSTAL, Green-Tinted Gray; Much tougher in lighter shades like this!
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Lot 33: CD 138 BROOKFIELD / POSTAL  Color: Green-Tinted Gray  Description: Incredible, outstanding condition! The Postal Telegraph Company operated a significant number of telegraph systems prior to its consolidation with Western Union in 1943. Formed in 1886 by John William Mackay, the network was built by purchasing smaller companies that couldn't achieve the same economy of scale that Mackay could. The CD 138 is one of the earliest insulators with the "Postal" embossing, and they were produced by Brookfield. Although shades of aqua, blue, and green are relatively common, there are only a few in a lighter tint such as can be seen with this insulator. The thick glass in the skirt and dome help show off the color, and when combined with the excellent condition and rarity of this clean and shiny example, we have a real winner! (#0147)
Estimate: $800 - $1,000  Open: $400
Price Realized:  $825

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