Lot 3

Price Realized:  $2,255
CD 740 FOSTER BROTHERS, **UPDATE** Olive Blackglass filled with Seed Bubbles; So crude and so unique!
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Lot 3: CD 740 FOSTER BROTHERS  Color: Olive Blackglass filled with Seed Bubbles  Description: Crudely mint! Embossed on the base with "FOSTER. BROTHERS. ST. JOHN. C.E. 1858" as can be seen in view 3. The Foster family began working with glass in the Stoddard, New Hampshire area in 1842. Members of the family moved to Canada in the 1850s, and George W. & Charles W. Foster became associated with the Canada Glass Works in St. John, Quebec (originally known as Canada East, thus the abbreviation "C.E." in the embossing) which had been formed in 1845. Under the Fosters' influence, the CD 740 which bears the Foster name was produced in 1858. Crudely made, this insulator is filled with so many seed bubbles that it leaves pock marks all over the outside of the glass. An excellent example! (#0160)  UPDATE: the shaded area at the lower skirt/base which you can see towards the right side of the insulator is not any kind of damage. A molding flaw.
Estimate: $700 - $800  Open: $300
Price Realized:  $2,255

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