Lot 216

Price Realized:  $231
McLAUGHLIN Commemorative, White Milk w/ Red, Yellow & Orange Swirls; Help celebrate 75 years of production!
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Lot 216: {CD 162 style} McLAUGHLIN Commemorative  Color: White Milk w/ Red, Yellow & Orange Swirls  Description: 1/2" base flake. These commemoratives were made William McLaughlin under less-than-ideal conditions, and this one has a number of annealing fissures around the base of the skirt. The swirls range from very pronounced colors to muted tones! The rear is embossed "1897-1972" to commemorate 75 years of glass production. (#0118)
Estimate: $50 - $100  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $231

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