Lot 209

Price Realized:  $105
CD 516.1 {Unembossed} {Russia}, Deep Bubbly, Fizzy, Tealy Aqua; Looks like a Pennycuick but from Russia!
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Lot 209: CD 516.1 {Unembossed} {Russia} (originally listed as CD 511.2)  Color: Deep Bubbly, Fizzy, Tealy Aqua  Description: 3/4" base flake. Crudely made with some thick, wavy folds in the glass, and a pinhole that extends nearly to the base of the skirt, forming a thick, heavy piece of glass. The insulator is filled with small bubbles which become more elongated towards the base, due to the removal of the plunger from the pinhole. A really neat example! (#0101)
Estimate: $50 - $75  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $105

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