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Price Realized:  $2,860
CD 138.2 LAWRENCE GRAY, Blue Gray; Base-embossed, great piece of New England glass, only THREE known!
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Lot 2: CD 138.2 LAWRENCE GRAY  Color: Blue Gray  Description: 1/4" square flake on the dome, otherwise great condition! The base is perfect and the embossing is bold. The base embossing of "MANUFACTURED BY LAWRENCE B. GRAY'S / PATENT PROCESS" says it all. Lawrence B. Gray was in charge of production at the National Insulator Company in the mid-1880s. His name is on several patents, two of which are for methods of molding insulators, and one for an insulator pin. It is possible these were made at the American Iron Glass Pipe and Plate Company works in Haverhill, MA, because of Gray's association there, although the distinct blue/lavender color of "Gray" insulators is different from the other items manufactured at that location. The style of the "Gray" insulator is similar to that of the Standard Glass units, which advertised their product as using Gray's process. Gray was also listed at Standard's office address in 1893-1894. It has been reported that there are only three examples known of this extremely rare insulator. It is a real gem of early New England threaded glass! (#0185)
Estimate: $5,000 - $7,500  Open: $200
Price Realized:  $2,860

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