Lot 194

Price Realized:  $715
CD 269 OAKMAN "Jumbo", Light Blue Aqua; Less common base-embossed "Jumbo"!
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Lot 194: CD 269 OAKMAN "Jumbo"  Color: Light Blue Aqua  Description: 3/4" and 1/4" wire ridge flakes. Crudely made with some glass folds. Very good condition, considering the size of this piece. It has the nickname "Eared Jumbo" to differentiate it from its earless CD 140 counterpart. If you up-end this massive power piece, weighing over 5 pounds, you will see it is base embossed with "OAKMAN M'F'G.CO. BOSTON." The skirt is embossed with Samuel Oakman's patents of June 17, 1890 and August 19, 1890. The light blue aqua coloration really lets you see the depth of the glass! (#0159)
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $715

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