Lot 190

Price Realized:  $330
CD 267.5 N.E.G.M. CO., Rich Blue Aqua; A pollywog and a tapeworm!
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Lot 190: CD 267.5 N.E.G.M. CO.  Color: Rich Blue Aqua  Description: Excellent condition with just minor flaking at the base. The deep saddle groove has angled wear marks from decades of supporting heavy cables, adding character and provenance. From the N.E.G.M. side, one can see a 1/2" pollywog in the saddle, and from the rear, one can see a 1/4" milky "tapeworm" spiraling around the pinhole and over the top! Another great piece of Boston's hostory! (#0158)
Estimate: $125 - $175  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $330

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