Lot 180

Price Realized:  $4,180
CD 257 HEMINGRAY, Electric Blue w/ Milk; Classic and desirable!
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Lot 180: CD 257 HEMINGRAY  Color: Electric Blue w/ Milk  Description: 5 missing drips and a chipped drip, a hard-to-see 1/2" bruise in the rear, otherwise very good condition. This example has a nice milky streak running straight up from the skirt to the top of the pinhole. Additional milk swirls can be seen around the skirt and over the pinhole. A patch of milk leaks into the left ear. There is a little snow and some faint amber wisps in both of the ears. All in all, it doesn't look as bad as it may sound. It's still your classic electric blue Mickey! (#7631)
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500  Open: $50
Price Realized:  $4,180

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