Lot 172

Price Realized:  $72
CD 252 M. & E. CO., Green Aqua; The "short" variant!
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Lot 172: CD 252 M. & E. CO.  Color: Green Aqua  Description: About very near mint. C.J. Mayer and A.H. Englund were both involved in the railway supply business when they formed the Philadelphia firm of "Mayer & Englund" in 1895. In 1906, the firm, along with two others, were consolidated for reasons of economy to form the Electric Service Supplies Company, with railway supplies and materials as their specialty. It is interesting to note that even several years later, the names of the original firms were retained as "departments" under the new company. Lot 173 is another example of an "M. & E." cable, but with a different embossing and a significantly different height! (#7524)
Estimate: $50 - $75  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $72

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