Lot 168

Price Realized:  $50
CD 202 No 14, Dark Olivey Green; A great tramp!
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Lot 168: CD 202 No 14  Color: Dark Olivey Green  Description: Some base flaking, 1/2" chip on the upper and lower edge of the wire ridge, otherwise about very near mint. When Fred M. Locke designed the CD 204 "cross top" it was found to be much too fragile for the job it needed to do. The CD 202 was a much more durable design, with the same benefits of multiple "petticoats" and wire grooves. The blotted out embossing under the No 14 was originally the date for Locke's transposition patent (May 22, 1894), and what is now the "rear" of the insulator was originally the "front" and bore Locke's name. The olive influences differentiate this coloration from a typical yellow green, and make it a great tramp! (#7080)
Estimate: $100 - $150  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $50

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