Lot 166

Price Realized:  $176
CD 192/193 {Unembossed}, Light Aqua; Early, uncommon tramp!
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Lot 166: CD 192/193 {Unembossed}  Color: Light Aqua  Description: The top is in very good condition, and has a nice milk swirl in the dome. The bottom has a thumbnail chip and the typical chipping at the top of the pinhole that can not be seen when the insulator is displayed. This insulator has "mold line over the dome," so it is one of the earlier two-piece transpositions. Any of the CD 192/193 tramps are much harder to come by than their 190/191 counterparts. They rarely come up for sale, so don't miss out! (#6989)
Estimate: $100 - $150  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $176

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