Lot 131

Price Realized:  $2,970
CD 162 HEMINGRAY-19, True Yellow; Outstanding condition and a standout piece!
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Lot 131: CD 162 HEMINGRAY-19  Color: True Yellow  Description: Outstanding condition! True Yellow signals are getting harder to find and are in high demand with collectors. They contrast well with the other colors in the Hemingray lineup and this will be a standout piece in your collection. Over the years the price of these has been rising as collectors realize the difficulty in obtaining one, and we recently sold one in a past auction for a record-setting price of nearly $3,700. You're not going to find a Hemingray signal that's more yellow! (#0405)
Estimate: $2,500 - $3,000  Open: $100
Price Realized:  $2,970

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