Lot 7

Price Realized:  $462
CD 191 {Unembossed Denver}, Purple; Tough "Denver" piece, much under-appreciated!
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Lot 7: CD 191 {Unembossed Denver}  Color: Purple  Description: Great condition! This insulator has all the typical "Denver" characteristics, including the vertical skirt and the larger diameter dome, creating a flatter-looking, less rounded appearance. The "hacksaw" scratch marks at the top of the pinhole are clearly visible as can be seen in view 3. See view 4 to compare this piece with a typical CD 191 unembossed Diamond. A bubble in the skirt and some amber and darker purple streaks enhance the character of this piece. There's been a significant increase in interest in Denver products over the years, and some feel this is an under-appreciated example. This piece is even more desirable because the more common color is dark purple, and this is a beautiful, medium shade. (#0129)
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $150
Price Realized:  $462

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