Lot 99

Price Realized:  $88
CD 124 HEMINGRAY / No 4, Aqua w/ Milk Swirls; Harder to find than the amber swirled variants!
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Lot 99: CD 124 HEMINGRAY / No 4  Color: Aqua w/ Milk Swirls  Description: Very good condition with a few flaked drips. Although one often encounters amber swirling in these insulators, it is more unusual to find them with milk swirls! This is an old number 4 style 1871 mold that was re-engraved with the Hemingray name and the May 2, 1893 drip point patent date. One can see the new bold prism embossing contrasting with the older, less prominent embossing. The base ring was modified to add the patented drip points. A great example of a milk-swirled CD 124! (#2160)
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $88

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