Lot 43

Price Realized:  $297
CD 110.5 NEW ENG.TEL.& TEL.CO., Light Aqua w/ Amber Swirls; The less common "straight line" embossing and an amber band!
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Lot 43: CD 110.5 NEW ENG.TEL.& TEL.CO.  Color: Light Aqua w/ Amber Swirls  Description: A few flakes on the wire ridge and threads, some roughness on the wire ridge and groove which appear to be factory molding artifacts. Shows signs of having been buried, and may have been very lightly polished. This is the less common "straight line" embossing. A nice amber band runs from the base of the skirt, up to and around the threads, and back to the upper skirt. (#1156)
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $297

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