Lot 34

Price Realized:  $396
CD 211 BROOKFIELD, Deep Blue Aqua; Stop the leaks with this "no leak" insulator!
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Lot 34: CD 211 BROOKFIELD  Color: Deep Blue Aqua  Description: Quarter-sized thick slice on the front skirt. A bit of an underpour in one area and a bit of an overpour on the inside of the outer skirt which has some small flaking. What makes this style unique is that it was designed for use with a glass insert. Unfortunately only a few of the inserts survived, and this example is missing its insert. The CD itself is rare, with a design patented by Leonard Storror of San Francisco in 1908. The "no-leak" insulator, sometimes called the "Storror insulator," was designed to guard against dirt and moisture, which would increase leakage from the line wire to the pin. Most of these insulators were found on a telephone line crossing the Cascade Mountains in Northern Washington. An uncommon CD for the Brookfield or CD collector! (#7173)
Estimate: $100 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $396

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