Lot 205

Price Realized:  $176
San Francisco Trolley Wooden Insulator {Saddle top variant}, Tan; A great piece of San Francisco history!
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Lot 205: San Francisco Trolley Wooden Insulator {Saddle top variant}  Color: Tan  Description: Skirt type II (Flat skirt style) Fred Padgett notes in the book “Wood Amongst the Wires - The Temporary Solution” that Walter Ruedrich developed a unique method for cleaning the San Francisco insulators. Walter’s process removed the paint, oil and gunk accumulated over the years and revealed the base wood of the insulator in its aged, natural appearance. While we don’t know for sure that Walter’s process was applied to this insulator, at best it has only been very lightly refinished. Many collectors prefer these over the heavily sanded and refinished pieces. In fact, there is a trace of the original green paint remaining. The “flat skirt” is one of the less common skirt styles for the “saddle top” variety of this insulator. This, coupled with the near-original wood makes this a very desirable example! (#0931)
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $176

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