Lot 2

Price Realized:  $825
CD 109.5 HARLOE "Claw", Blue; An unusual self-tying design and a difficult CD to acquire!
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Lot 2: CD 109.5 HARLOE "Claw"  Color: Blue  Description: Excellent condition. Two of the damage-prone claws have been repaired. The embossing is strong, and the distinctive color is unlike typical light aqua pieces. The Harloe Insulator Company was incorporated in February 1902. Harloe's self-tying insulator was patented in December 1902 and, according to Telephony magazine, was "especially recommended because of the rapidity with which they can be put up and also because of the great saving in not using tying wires in their installation. It is claimed that they cost less than one-half to install as compared with the old style." The design didn't catch on, so the unusual CD 109.5 and CD 206.5 "Harloe's Patent" insulators are hard to find today! (#1139)
Estimate: $1,500 - $2,000  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $825

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