Lot 198

Price Realized:  $198
Lefferts Hook, Blue; Get hooked!
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Lot 198: Lefferts Hook  Color: Blue  Description: Although the top is still intact, it seems like a large bubble formed around it and caused some chipping around the edges. There is minimal fracturing around the pinhole on this piece. Marshall Lefferts was associated with the first telegraph companies in the United States, and his ramshorn style insulator was one of the earliest telegraph insulators. It fit in a hole in the bottom of a crossarm, and a pin was fit into the groove to hold the insulator in place. These insulators were used as early as the late 1840s and different styles of them have been found. A classic insulator with some interesting bubbles all around the iron hook; an early and rare ramshorn style! (#0542)
Estimate: $150 - $250  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $198

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